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Deleted scene from Chapter 15

Earlier, Marc deposited my skis back at the rental booth while I went to my room to change and get my act together. I took a long hot shower, and chose a clean pair of jeans, my favorite ones with the frayed bottoms and faded knees, and a thick green sweater because the sleeves hung long and could cover the bracelet.


Numbly I sat on the edge of my yoh with Michelle and listened to Lily rave about her time with Kumar and he was beyond perfect. Michelle made her repeat every detail twenty-six hundred times. I didn’t comment or even smile. I was completely awful, but how in the heck was I supposed to be all sugar and happily-ever-afters? All I could think about was the bracelet beneath my sweater and how ticked off I was.


“You okay, Jae?” Lily finally asked me. “I saw Marc heading up the slopes with Min. Are you upset about that?”


I stared at my friends blankly, trying to process what they just said. How could I tell them there was no way being with a boy can solve this problem?


I latched onto the escape-goat they just handed me. “Yes,” I decided to say. “Yes. That’s what I’m upset about.”


“Don’t you worry.” Michelle wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “I’ve got you set up to be with Marc all evening passing out hot chocolates.”


“Hot chocolates.” I cupped my hand around my other wrist hidden under sweater. I could do this. Take one step at a time. “Perfect.”

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Silvern- Chapter 1

Gilded- Deleted Scene

Silvern- Deleted Scene

Deleted scene from Chapter 5


“Jae Hwa,” Mr. Han says, standing. He gathers his robes closer to himself and stands before the group. His face is lined and heavy dark circles ring his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in years. “I am Mr. Han, head of the Council. It is my role to keep Korea safe and I do not take that lightly. You are a descendant of Princess Yuhwa. Whether you like it or not, you have powers in the Spirit World and you can use them.”


“But she’s human,” Jung says. “How is it possible?”


“The power of her lineage will never be completely erased.” Mr. Han turns and withdraws a worn book from the table behind him. He passes it to Grandfather. “You remember the Samguk Yusa? Let us not forget Chumong was the first human showing traces of the power. He was considered half-immortal.”


I think through my Korean history. Chumong was the first king of the Koguryo Dynasty. But more importantly, he was known for his exceptional skill at archery. I have a poster on my wall of Song II Gook playing the part of Chumong in the Korean TV series. Besides being completely sexy, he shoots a mean arrow.


“That doesn’t make sense,” I say. “If that’s the case, my grandfather would also have these same powers.”


Grandfather clears his throat. “It appears after Chumong, only the females in our line carried the power.  Perhaps it was because he was an only child. We do not know.”


“Our line?” I narrow my eyes at Grandfather and then at the book he’s holding. Slowly Grandfather flips back the worn pages and holds it out to me. I don’t want to take the book or look at it, because I already know what the thin Council member is insinuating.


“Chumong is one of our ancestors,” I say.


“I was waiting for a good opportunity to explain all of this.” Grandfather draws the book against his chest.


I think about the legend of Chumong fleeing on his horse from an enemy attack, and how as he crossed the river, turtles and creatures of the water rose up to create a bridge for him. Is this another so-called myth that is actually real?


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